8 Statistics on Denied Unemployment in Minnesota

denied-unemploymentIf you were denied unemployment in Minnesota, here are 8 statistics you need to know:

  • The Unemployment Office has incorrectly paid out $53,976,054 in benefits to workers just like you,
  • This week, nearly 3,000 people will apply for unemployment benefits for the first time,
  • Nearly 27,000 people in Minnesota are receiving unemployment right now,
  • 72% of all appeals related to an overpayment are due to earnings,
  • In Minnesota, $683 is the maximum you can receive in unemployment benefits on a weekly basis,
  • If you receive the maximum, you can receive benefits for 26 weeks,
  • Unemployment laws in Minnesota generally change twice a year,
  •  Your appeal requires preparing and winning over 2 entities: (i) your former employer and (ii) the Minnesota unemployment office.