7 Rules for Minnesota Unemployment Eligibility You Didn’t Know About

Minnesota Unemployment EligibilityThere are seven rules for Minnesota Unemployment Eligibility.  Yes, I believe there are many other rules and guidelines an applicant should consider.

However, this is a good start to the headache required by the unemployment office.

First, the bad news about Minnesota unemployment eligibility

First, lets identify the bad news.  The following rules are scrutinized by the unemployment office on a weekly basis.

In other words, a person trying to collect unemployment can get denied in any given week if these rules are put under the microscope.

On the other hand, being ineligible this week might mean you can become eligible next week.  Thus, take these 7 rules seriously.

The good news about Minnesota unemployment eligibility

I believe every worker suffering from a job loss can satisfy these basic guidelines.  For those that cannot, very likely they should engage an unemployment lawyer.

Our 7 rules for Minnesota unemployment eligibility

Okay, here are the first seven rules every applicant seeking or trying to collect unemployment should satisfy on a weekly basis:

  1. An applicant is required to request benefits for any week they believe they are eligible.
  2. In the last 53 weeks, an employer paid the applicant money for work performed.
  3. The worker is unemployed.
  4. The person requesting benefits available to work.
  5. The applicant requesting benefits is looking for work.
  6. The worker requesting benefits is at least one week past their job ending, and
  7. The person requesting benefits is taking classes or workshops recommended by the Work Force Center.

Where do the 7 rules for Minnesota unemployment eligibility come from?

These seven rules I identified above come from Minnesota statute 268.085.

Other issues of concern

Absolutely, there are going to be a number of additional issues every applicant should be concerned with.

First, I recommend every worker conducting research on their own to reflect on their initial application for benefits.

Second, every worker or applicant should read Minnesota statute 268.095 and ask themselves how it applies to their own situation.

Third, I believe every applicant trying to help themselves with Minnesota unemployment eligibility should determine whether there is more than one way for them to become eligible for unemployment benefits under Minnesota’s unemployment system.

Need help with your Minnesota unemployment eligibility?

Please contact me if you need help with eligibility.

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