What If My Employer Says I Quit My Job?

quit my jobCan you say “I quit my job” or is a former employer trying to convince you your actions were viewed as quitting?  Over the past month, many Applicants have contacted me to discuss whether or not they quit.

I believe workers sometimes do know one way or the other because the words or emotions expressed with their employer were confusing or misinterpreted.

If you are confused whether you are supposed to say I quit my job or I was fired, this is how I would approach this problem.

Did I quit my job?

Whether your job ended yesterday or ten years ago, I encourage all applicants to type or write down what they remembered.  Yes, be very specific and include details like:

  • What time of day,
  • Was it before or after a specific point in your day (break, lunch, meeting, etc.),
  • Were did the communications take place (conference room, lobby, phone, etc.)
  • What are the names of the people who participated in the communications,
  • Are there e-mails, notes, faxes or other pieces of paper that can help you describe the situation,
  • *What specific phrases do you recall being stated, and
  • *What happened AFTER you believed your job ended?

I still do not know if I quit my job?

No worries.  The step of taking notes of the situation is merely a reference for you down the road.  Unfortunately, an appeal for unemployment can take many months.  For this reasons, it is important to have a point of reference.Quit and Unemployment in MN

I never quit my job

It is never easy using the evidence standard in an unemployment case to prove “I never quit my job”.  Some employees like to engage a witness for help reduce the risk of an employer lying under oath.

If this is not possible, then consider these tips:

  • Can you show a reason why your job might have ended (performance, business slowed down, etc.),
  • Can you find examples why you would never quit your job (health insurance, rent, length of employment),
  • Did you submit a written note or a formal resignation, or
  • Did your boss place an unreasonable amount of stress on you when the job ended?

What if you cannot remember?

Again, the issue is not whether you remember.  Instead, the goal is to use facts that support your application and claim for unemployment benefits.

Yes, every situation is different.  For some, the rules for unemployment eligibility favor workers who can state their employer ended the job.  The rule that generally applies to a worker who quit their job can use Minnesota law 268.095 for guidance.

I still do not know if I quit my job

In my experience, the real decision maker is the Applicant and how they interpreted the events.  How an employee becomes successful proving their eligibility for unemployment is using a specific story line that aligns with rule 268.095.

Please contact me if you need help preparing for a successful case.