Why TAA and Unemployment in Minnesota is a Mess

TAA and Unemployment in MinnesotaTAA and Unemployment in Minnesota is confusing.  This program becomes especially confusing when your benefits are taken away or denied.

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What are TAA benefits?

The Trade Adjustment Assistance Program, or TAA is a federal program to help workers who lost their job to a worker overseas.

Generally, TAA benefits means the Federal Department of Labor authorized financial support for you to seek job training, income while you look for a new job, help with your job search, and benefits for you to relocate your place of residence.

How much are TAA benefits worth?

As you know, TAA benefits can be worth hundreds of thousands (the cost of a degree).  TRA benefits can equal more than $65,000 (103 weeks x $640 dollars per week).

Thus, the financial value of TAA benefits can be quite significant.

Legal cases for TAA and Unemployment in Minnesota

In Minnesota, there have been about 20 public cases specific to TAA and unemployment.  Public cases are those reviewed by the Minnesota Court of Appeals.

Unfortunately, problems arise because workers, employers, and local government agencies do not see these types of requests on a regular basis.

Do you need a lawyer for TAA and Unemployment in Minnesota?

No, but it certainly helps.  If nothing else, meeting with an attorney for a consultation can prepare you for better days.

In my opinion, the people managing TAA benefits do not understand this process because it rarely appears.Minnesota Unemployment Laws

Are TAA benefits the same as Unemployment benefits?

No, TAA and unemployment in Minnesota are not the same.

However, in certain situations the unemployment office in Minnesota can review whether or not you are eligible for TAA benefits. Also, TAA benefits are not the same because they require a separate application or petition.

In other words, applying for unemployment does not imply you are either eligible or requesting TAA too.

How do you get TAA benefits?

In most cases, a worker finds out they might be eligible for TAA benefits after attending a meeting a their work or Plant.

Other times, a worker or a group of workers apply or file a petition with the United States Department of Labor.

Assuming the application or petition is approved and you live or work in Minnesota, TAA benefits are managed and facilitated by DEED.

MN Unemployment Appeal

The unemployment office in Minnesota denied my TAA benefits

Yes, the unemployment office in Minnesota may have denied your claim for TAA benefits, but you certainly have rights which will require you to appeal. The appeal process for unemployment benefits in Minnesota follows a strict process.

If the unemployment office denied your request, you must take the necessary steps to educate the unemployment law judge of your claim for TAA.  This may include making referencing Federal law and or Minnesota law.

Also, your approved petition for Trade Adjustment Assistance will certainly be a necessity in this process. Provided you follow strict adherence to timelines, you have rights if Minnesota’s unemployment office denied your request for unemployment benefits and or TAA benefits.

File an appeal for Trade Adjustment Assistance

If you are considering an appeal for TAA benefits, assess whether you are filing a petition for benefits, appealing the petition, or appealing the administration of your benefit.

The administration of TAA benefits are managed by the unemployment office, which is a state agency.

A petition and an appeal to the petition is controlled by the Office of Trade Adjustment, which is a federal agency.

Do you need help appealing TAA benefits?

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