Unemployment Stress: Unemployment Tip #013

Unemployment stress is a very common issue.  What makes it unique is the trigger.  For some, stress occurs the moment a job ends or the process of filling out an application for benefits.  For others, folks feel stress because they are fearful of an appeal or being accused of misrepresentation.

In my experience, the whole darn process is stressful because part of the process is trying to get into the head of the Unemployment Office.  In other words, how will they judge an application or answers to a job loss issue?

I agree, seeking feedback from my office makes sense.  But, lets step around the legal issues and identify an unemployment tip for decreasing unemployment stress.

Unemployment Tip # 013 – I believe applicants can reduce stress by rescheduling their appeal hearing for a time that works best for them.  Far to many applicants forget they are allowed one opportunity to reschedule a phone call with a judge (assuming specific rules are followed).  If meeting with a judge interferes with a family conflict, try to reschedule.  If you work best after the lunch hour, reschedule.  As simple as it might be, reduce unemployment stress by finding a court date and time that accommodates you being at your best.”

Unemployment Stress

On the other hand, sometimes stress is far more significant than finding a different court date and time.  I get it.

The financial burden of getting denied unemployment benefits can be revived by having a game plan.  In fact, I like the idea of having a game plan and a back-up plan.

Generally, a game plan is going to be unique to the person and situation.  After all, your boss and employer are unique to you.  Verbalizing the storyline that led to a discharge requires careful planning.

When I meet with a person for the first, time, I like the idea of staring with the date of a discharge and working backwards.  Sometimes, this comes as a surprise because people like the idea of starting from the beginning.

Starting from the beginning when talking with a unempoyment law judge will make your phone conference more stressful than it needs to be.

Thus, reduce unemployment stress by creating a game plan designed to show why and how you qualify for benefits.

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