Phone Appeal: Unemployment Tip #008

Phone Appeal
Phone Appeal

Your phone appeal can be successful when you know the type of records you can acquire before your unemployment hearing.

Having a successful game plan for an unemployment appeal hearing is really important.  After filing an appeal, more questions will arise. For example, the unemployment office will probe on the reasoning for the job ending.

Elementally, all applicants must weigh the type of evidence needed to win the hearing. The next unemployment tip is as follows:

Unemployment Tip # 008 –  Before going into an unemployment phone appeal hearing ice cold, acquire copies of performance reviews, handbooks and anything else (like one’s entire personnel file). This can be accomplished by using Minnesota statute 181.961.”  

In other words, applicants seeking benefits in Minnesota can obtain documents from their employment file. In fact, employers must abide by the request. This can be helpful, especially when combating a lie or misreported event.

Other times, employees might consider using records to prove their eligibility and or establish credibility.

How Can An Unemployment Lawyer Help?

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