Can you Rank MN Unemployment Judges? [Updated]

MN Unemployment Judges
MN Unemployment Judges

MN unemployment judges are tricky.  In my experience, most people or applicants have never spoken to a judge prior to their appeal for benefits.  If you are conducting online research in preparation for your hearing, consider the following.

First, most people do not find out who their judge will be until an appeal is filed and evidence is shared.  Second, the judge assigned to a case can change.

Thus, focusing on a judge and their quirks isn’t a strong legal strategy.

MN Unemployment Judges


But, people are people and they still want feedback.  I get it.  Every piece of information is critical.  For those who already found this online site, the information available is slim.

On the other hand, real-world experience is worth everything and I encourage you to ask me directly.


Different Level of Judges for Unemployment

Perhaps this might give you comfort:  certain judges get assigned specific unemployment issues.  In other words, complicated unemployment issues tend to be reviewed by more experienced unemployment judges.

Perhaps this isn’t necessarily surprising.  But, if this is your first or second experience talking with a judge, every detail counts.  My process requires case assessment.  This means determining whether the unemployment office views a case as complicated or easy and seeking facts to support a claim for benefits.

As I have learned, a lot of applicants find comfort in this element of the unemployment process.

Unemployment Law Judges in Minnesota

For those still in search of information and in no particular order, here is a short list of judges that might be assigned to an unemployment appeal:

  • Allen, Lossom
  • Altavilla, Christina
  • Arendt, Kevin
  • Bennett, Sarah
  • Berninghaus, Andrew
  • Blomquist, Jeffrey
  • Chaffee, Blake
  • Cox, David
  • Croft, Richard
  • Davis, Colette
  • Eng, Bryan
  • Flynn, Megan
  • Francois, Karen
  • Froelich, Anne
  • Gibson, David
  • Gulstad, Katrina
  • Hardy, Shawntera
  • Huber, David
  • Lindsey-Waterman, Britt
  • Mackin, Sasha
  • McKinnon, Kevin
  • Mismash, Scott
  • Osburn, Richard
  • Palkovacs, Christopher
  • Phillips, Keri
  • Reeves, Richard
  • Song, James
  • St. Martin, Matthew
  • Steffen, Christine
  • Vincze Turcean, Claudia
  • Walters, Barbara Jo
  • Willis, Jeremy Hanson
  • Wittmer, Rebecca

Final Thoughts about ULJ in Minnesota

Focusing time and effort on a specific judge is a poor strategy.  Instead, lean on unemployment laws and facts.  The presentation of facts (or evidence) is where the distinction of one unemployment law judge versus another comes into play.

Thus, if you want one-on-one feedback on how this might impact your case, please contact me directly.