Can you Rank MN Unemployment Judges?

MN Unemployment Judges

MN Unemployment Judges

MN unemployment judges are tricky.  For one, most people have never spoken to a judge before.  Second, it is difficult to find information online.

Yes, everybody seeking an appeal eventually ask me about the judge assigned to their case.  Normally, I can be very on point.

On the other hand, applicants will not know the name of their judge until an appeal is filed and they receive documentation in the mail.

MN Unemployment Judges

Unfortunately, people spend a lot of time on-line looking up their judge when in reality, they should be focused on the elements of their appeal.

In my experience, focusing on the applicable unemployment laws is most critical.

Different Level of Judges for Unemployment

If there was another piece of information that folks find useful, it is this:  certain judges get assigned specific issues.  In other words, complicated unemployment issues tend to be reviewed by more experienced unemployment judges.

Perhaps this doesn’t surprise you.  But, part of my process is trying to determine whether the unemployment office views a case as complicated or easy.  Most times, applicants who call me find value in knowing more about this.

Unemployment Law Judges in Minnesota

For those still in search of information and in no particular order, here is a short list of judges that might be assigned to an unemployment appeal:

  • Allen, Lossom
  • Altavilla, Christina
  • Arendt, Kevin
  • Bennett, Sarah
  • Berninghaus, Andrew
  • Blomquist, Jeffrey
  • Chaffee, Blake
  • Cox, David
  • Croft, Richard
  • Davis, Colette
  • Eng, Bryan
  • Flynn, Megan
  • Francois, Karen
  • Froelich, Anne
  • Gibson, David
  • Gulstad, Katrina
  • Hardy, Shawntera
  • Huber, David
  • Lindsey-Waterman, Britt
  • Mackin, Sasha
  • McKinnon, Kevin
  • Mismash, Scott
  • Osburn, Richard
  • Palkovacs, Christopher
  • Phillips, Keri
  • Reeves, Richard
  • Song, James
  • St. Martin, Matthew
  • Steffen, Christine
  • Vincze Turcean, Claudia
  • Walters, Barbara Jo
  • Willis, Jeremy Hanson
  • Wittmer, Rebecca

Final Thoughts about ULJ in Minnesota

If you need help, please contact me directly.

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