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Unemployment Appeals
Unemployment Appeals

Appeal unemployment benefits because it generally does not cost any money, right?

Believe it or not, unemployment benefits in Minnesota are far too valuable for applicants and families to rely on hope.

Generally, the issue is determining the appeal process, gathering the right kind of evidence, and using the law to win an appeal hearing.

As an unemployment lawyer, my goal is to educate and inspire a conversation with applicants seeking help.

Appeal Unemployment:  4 Types

I believe the best way to approach the various postings is to understand the type of appeal being sought.

This includes: (1) phone appeal, (2) reconsideration, (3) an appeal to the Minnesota Court of Appeals, and (4) and appeal to Minnesota’s Supreme Court.

Another important concept to consider when reviewing these postings, is Minnesota unemployment statute 268.105.  The reason this law is important is because it addresses parts of the appeal process.

Thus, please grab a cup of coffee, review my posts, and contact me one-on-one feedback.