Which State do I file for Unemployment Benefits?

state do I file for unemployment benefitsHey, which state do I file for unemployment benefits?  I hear this question a lot and yes, it matters because you want two things:

(1) The most money or benefits possible, and

(2) Prevent from getting your application denied.

Yes, but what state do I file for unemployment benefits?

This law office encourages applicant to review the dollar amounts for unemployment benefits in the state they live and the state they work.  To help, here are some numbers to consider.  However, if you cannot find the State you live or work, you can find additional numbers in a report provided by the Department of Labor.


Minimum Weekly Minimum: $ 25

Maximum Weekly Maximum: $ 640

Maximum Entitlement: $ 16,640



Minimum Weekly Minimum: $ 54

Maximum Weekly Maximum: $ 370

Maximum Entitlement: $ 9,620



Minimum Weekly Minimum: $ 62

Maximum Weekly Maximum: $ 511

Maximum Entitlement: $ 13,286


South Dakota

Minimum Weekly Minimum: $ 28

Maximum Weekly Maximum: $ 352

Maximum Entitlement: $ 9,152


North Dakota

Minimum Weekly Minimum: $ 43

Maximum Weekly Maximum: $ 594

Maximum Entitlement: $ 15,444

Do not ask your unemployment office for help

Do everything in your power to prevent yourself from asking the unemployment office which State do I apply for unemployment.  For one, the staff answering phones at the unemployment office are not paying attention to other States.

In fact, it is the experience of this law office that many phone associates will send you to a different State for no reason other than it makes their job easier.

If you are forced to ask a representative at the unemployment office, be prepared to ask questions about “reciprocity“.

Why different offices give bad information

It is the opinion of this law office that an unemployment phone associate is helping their agency reduce overpayments, which is a huge problem impacting many of the unemployment agencies across the country.

state do I file for unemployment benefits

Most important rule for picking state to apply for unemployment

Generally, as soon as a person files or applies for unemployment benefits in any State other than Minnesota, that person is automatically ineligible for benefits in Minnesota.  For verification of this rule, please see Minnesota Statute 268.085.  Of course, there are exceptions to this rule and each situation will be different.

Also, people applying for benefits and asking themselves which state do I file for unemployment benefits need to know about Minnesota Statute 268.131.

If you need help deciding “which State do I file for unemployment benefits”…

If you are trying to collect the highest amount possible and prevent an appeal to your claim for unemployment, contact an unemployment lawyer for help.