Unemployment Lawyer Minnesota for Appeals

As an unemployment lawyer in Minnesota, I hear about many stressful issues.  For some, an appeal for benefits can be  new process.  For others, an unemployment claim can date back many many years.

Because benefits and claims have become overly complicated, I help and advise  workers and employees on appeal strategies to support their eligibility for benefits.

Claims can range from applications, phone appeals, reconsiderations, and appeals to Minnesota’s highest court.

Because unemployment benefits in Minnesota can equal nearly $19,000 over a 26 week period AND even higher with PUA benefits, these types of issues are worth seeking assistance with.

Thus, I think preparing accordingly is where I can offer value to those in need of help.

Unemployment Lawyer Minnesota:  Types of Issues

If an application gets denied, the unemployment office will assign a legal issue or phrase to the claim.  Sometimes, a person’s case or claim will involve more than one issue.

Here are a few examples of unemployment issues and case types:

Also, appeals can include matters like:

Unemployment Attorney:  Problem Solving

If you need help reviewing what to do, what to say, correcting an error or combating a lie or questions on your application, please watch the following short video on how I approach unemployment problems:

How can an Unemployment Lawyer Minnesota help?

As an unemployment attorney, here are a handful of ways I help others with their appeal or case:

  • Filling out an application using laws that support you,
  • One-on-one consultations,
  • Representation at your phone hearing,
  • Drafting and Filing an Appeal on an applicant’s behalf,
  • Gathering evidence, seeking subpoenas, confronting the other party, etc.,
  • Drafting and filing a Request for Reconsideration,
  • Representation during an audit,
  • Help with a Garnishment issue,
  • Advocate a repayment plan specific to an overpayment,
  • Help reducing unemployment taxes and penalties,
  • An appeal to the Minnesota Court of Appeals,
  • An appeal to the Minnesota Supreme Court,
  • Other services as you see a need.

Attorney Jasper Berg

Phone / Email

A Lawyer for Unemployment:  Is it Necessary?

Unemployment Lawyer Minnesota

The goal is to figure out what and how you can prove or defend your case.

I believe getting specific advice on your situation is important.  Feedback from family members and friends is nice, but their support generally doesn’t account for rules and laws applicable in Minnesota.

Whether you think an unemployment attorney can improve your case or not, please take the unemployment appeal process seriously.

MN Unemployment Lawyer:  Starting Point

Each case is different.  Proving a case might include:

  1. Using Minnesota unemployment laws like rule 268.095,
  2. Past cases,
  3. Preponderance of evidence standard, or
  4. Witnesses and other pieces of evidence.

Unemployment Lawyer Minnesota:  Where?

Believe it or not, half of those that I serve live in rural areas while others live near the Twin Cities. And, there are a number of people who have claims in Minnesota while living in different parts of the United States.

When I meet with a Client, I do so by phone, email, video, and one-on-one at my office.

If you live or work in the Twin Cities, great!  Otherwise, do not allow where you live to prevent you from finding help with your case.

Can an unemployment lawyer Minnesota be on the phone with me?

As an unemployment lawyer Minnesota, my job is to serve the Client’s needs as they require. Yes, as an unemployment lawyer Minnesota, I am routinely on the phone with my Clients when they are talking with a judge.

Also, my job includes finding an edge or holding employers accountable. Other times, my job is to assist in witness or evidence preparation.

Really though, my job is all of the above.

How Much does an MN Unemployment Attorney Cost?

Consider this:  the value of meeting with an unemployment attorney (even just once) can far outweigh a week or a year’s worth of benefits.

So you know, I use a flat fee system for cases related to unemployment because it is easier for my unemployed Clients to manage.

Yes, the flat fee is based on a person’s income, the value of your unemployment benefit and the complexity of their case.  

Unemployment Lawyer in Minnesota:  Who is the Best?

I do not know which lawyer is the best, but I am very proud of those that I serve. I encourage you to review what some of my past Clients have said.

Otherwise, please contact me if you need help figuring out what to do, what to say, correcting an error or combating a lie or just want honest feedback.