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Unemployment Lawyer Minnesota
Unemployment Lawyer Minnesota

Help From an Unemployment Lawyer

As an unemployment lawyer-Minnesota, I help others with appeals for benefits, denied claims, and various other issues assigned by DEED. If you are new to unemployment issues, DEED stands for Minnesota’s Department of Employment and Economic Development.

As an attorney, I help unemployed workers or employees big and small needing support with unemployment matters.

Examples of Unemployment Issues and Case Types

If an application gets denied or appealed, the unemployment office will assign a legal issue or issue identification number.  Sometimes, a person’s case or claim will involve more than one issue.

Attorney Video About Unemployment Appeals

Unemployment Lawyer Minnesota

Eligibility for Unemployment Benefits

In Minnesota, eligibility for unemployment benefits comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether you call yourself a worker, an employee, or an executive, the end goal is the same: acquiring and keeping your benefits. If that goal cannot be achieved, then overpayment strategies are incorporated into the process.

Because unemployment benefits in Minnesota can equal more than $23,000 over a 26 week period AND even higher with benefit extensions, PUA benefits, etc., claims are worth seeking and defending.

Denied Unemployment Claims

Likewise, a denied claim for benefits can come about for a number of reasons. This may include a poorly drafted response to a questionnaire, a medical issue, or an appeal from your former employer.

Regardless for the reason that your claim for unemployment benefits was denied, appeal rights are different depending on a phone appeal versus a reconsideration, or appeal to Minnesota’s Court of Appeals.

This can includes applications, questionnaires, audits, phone appeals, reconsiderations, overpayments, fraud, Pandemic Unemployment, Benefit Extensions, and appeals to Minnesota’s highest courts.

Audio from an Unemployment Lawyer-Minnesota

Audio for Unemployment Issues

Unemployment Appeal Types

In general, there are four types of appeals: (i) Phone Appeal; (ii) Request for Reconsideration; (iii) an Appeal to Minnesota’s Court of Appeals, and (iv) an appeal to Minnesota’s Supreme Court. That said, there are other types of appeals that can pivot into a federal process.

If you need help reviewing what to do, what to say, correcting an error, combating a lie, or an issue inside your application, please consider contacting this law office and or watching previously posted YouTube videos.

Unemployment Case Review By an Attorney

A case review from an unemployment lawyer in Minnesota is a process of asking questions, reviewing responses from DEED, and applying Minnesota statutes. This is done within the intent of addressing eligibility.

Cases Supporting an Unemployment Appeal

The goal isn’t necessarily finding the perfect case, although that helps. Instead, analyzing each claim and appeal requires a series of steps:

  1. Which Minnesota unemployment law, rule, or statute applies?
  2. Are there past decisions from an Unemployment Law Judge?
  3. Is there a need to include a compliant with another government entity, like the Department of Labor?
  4. Preponderance of evidence standard; and
  5. Witnesses and other pieces of evidence.

Audio Describing an Unemployment Appeal

Unemployment Lawyer in Minnesota – Audio

Role of an Unemployment Lawyer-Minnesota

As an unemployment attorney, there are a number of opportunities to serve those needing legal help for a claim or appeal. Here are a few examples:

  • Filling out an application using laws that support you,
  • One-on-one consultations,
  • Representation at your phone hearing,
  • Drafting and Filing an Appeal on an applicant’s behalf,
  • Gathering evidence, seeking subpoenas, confronting the other party, etc.,
  • Drafting and filing a Request for Reconsideration,
  • Representation during an audit,
  • Help with a Garnishment  problem,
  • Advocate a repayment plan specific to an overpayment,
  • Help reducing unemployment taxes and penalties,
  • An appeal to the Minnesota Court of Appeals,
  • An appeal to the Minnesota Supreme Court,
  • Other services as you see a need.

Minnesota DEED and Unemployment System

Minnesota unemployment benefits are administered by the Department of Employment and Economic Development. This is sometimes called DEED or the Department. MN DEED manages eligibility issues, applications, phone appeals, payments, tax rates, and reconsiderations.

As you know, DEED makes mistakes. Even worse, employers fabricate events. This law office advocates for and represents individuals needing help.

Can an Unemployment Lawyer be on the Phone?

As an unemployment lawyer Minnesota, my job is to serve the Client’s needs as they require. Yes, as an unemployment lawyer Minnesota, I am routinely on the phone during the appeal process.

During a phone appeal, I speak with the unemployment law judge, the employer, witnesses, and other parties involved. My job is to protect my client and advocate on their behalf.

In addition, my role as an attorney for unemployed workers is to help them find an edge and hold employers accountable. Other times, my job is to assist in witness or evidence preparation. Really though, my job is all of the above.

Unemployment Attorney Near Me?

If you’re searching for an unemployment attorney near you, it’s crucial to find someone with expertise in labor laws and unemployment benefits. this law office serves clients needing help with Minnesota based matters.

Remote and In-Person Meetings

When I meet with a Client, I do so by phone, email, video, and one-on-one as needed. I offer services both remotely and one-on-one in an office.

That said, the appeal process is administered by phone. I generally prefer to meet remotely, such that I can assess how a person sounds when sharing the details of their job coming to an end.

Believe it or not, I would say nearly half of those that I serve as an unemployment attorney live outside the Twin Cities. And, there are a number of people who I have helped that have claims in Minnesota while living in different parts of the United States.

For those that live in rural areas or remote areas, I have special practices to address all distances. In other words, spending time and gas to meet with me at my office can be avoided in most cases.

Submitting Evidence for Review

Of course, being able to review unemployment evidence is a critical step. Individuals and families who meet with me will be introduced to a number of methods that support my analysis of evidence.

Whether this is conducted by mail, fax, email, text messaging, dropping documents off at my office, or using an encrypted portal system, you will have an opportunity to submit evidence and documents for review.

Areas Served by this MN Unemployment Lawyer

When I meet with a Client, I do so by phone, email, video, and one-on-one as needed. If you live or work in the Twin Cities, great!  Otherwise, do not allow where you live prevent you from contacting this law office for help.

This law office serves clients needing help with appeal questions from Minnesota. Whether a person or family lives in a remote area or near the Twin Cities, this law office is equipped to offer legal advisement and representation.

So, whether you are limited to a cell phone or reside near Minneapolis, Austin, Bemidji, Duluth, Bloomington, Mankato, Rochester, Plymouth, St. Cloud, Saint Paul, New Ulm, the Fargo area, Woodbury, Albert Lea, Red Wing, Owatonna, Lakeville, Blain, Eagan, or a city in-between, this law office can help.

How much does an MN Unemployment Attorney Cost?

Costs and Fees

Before worrying about the cost for legal support, first determine whether this law office is a good fit. The value of meeting with an unemployment lawyer, even just once, can far outweigh a week, a month, or a year of benefits.

In my experience, flat fees based on the step you are encountering is easier for unemployed clients to manage. Of course, if you need representation or long term support, this can be addressed.

Who is the Best Unemployment Lawyer in Minnesota?

I do not know which lawyer is the best, but I am very proud of those that I serve. I encourage you to review what some of my past Clients have said.

Experience with Unemployment Appeals

My unemployment practice started prior to the market crash of 2007. The financial crisis created matters based on federal extensions. Fast forward to the Covid-19 period, federal benefits were termed Pandemic Unemployment Assistance or PUA.

Today, there are many new policies, laws, and statutes. As a result, my experience with appeals and claims has seen a wide array of matters.

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You can contact an unemployment lawyer to determine what to do and say. Other times, employees, workers, executives, and contractors need help correcting errors or defending a lie.

Thus, if you need legal support, consider completing the following contact form.

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