Time is Up and Still No Response

No Response from Judge
No Response from Judge

Getting no response from the unemployment law judge is as frustrating as it gets.

First, appeals are stressful.  Second, the benefit is desperately needed.

The applicable rule for timeliness is Minn. Stat. 268.105.  But, lets put the rules aside and simplify things.

Untrue Rumors about No Response

  • No, a judge missing a deadline has little impact on the success of a claim.
  • No, a judge missing a deadline does not mean applicants obtain a default victory. On the other hand, if an applicant misses a deadline, it can have a detrimental impact.
  • No, asking for feedback on when a decision will be made does not turn a good case into a bad case.

What to Do when you get No Response from the Judge

There are a number of ways to solicit a response.  This includes:

  • Calling the Appeal Hotline
  • Asking a State Representative to contact DEED
  • Filing documents with a Court, and
  • Sending a letter by mail asking for feedback on a decision date.

For cases still in the phone appeal or reconsideration process, sending a letter to the Chief Unemployment Law Judge and the Commissioner of DEED can move mountains!

How Long does it Take?

If you start asking friends, you will drive yourself crazy.  Really, it depends on the week and month.  In my experience, I have seen decisions rendered in days.  Other times, I have seen cases get lost for months.

Over the last few years, I have seen a more efficient process and I am hopeful most folks will see a decision within a few weeks.  In fact, sometimes my Clients receive a lump sum benefit payment before they see something in writing.

Again, as stressful as this process can be, patience is key.

On the other hand, applicants should absolutely knock on doors, make phone calls and send letters to assure their case is still moving forward.

Finally, stay positive.