Fighting Anxiety When Giving Unemployment Hearing Testimony

Hearing Testimony
Hearing Testimony

Hearing testimony during an unemployment case is very common.  In fact, I cannot think of one hearing that did not involve talking to a Judge.

In my experience, many of my past Clients seek my help because they get anxiety just thinking about communicating with their employer or a judge.

Because most of the applicants I meet with share this fear, I wanted to create a short list of suggestions:

Hearing Testimony:  Unemployment Help

If a person cannot talk for themselves or they become easily confused, ask yourself:

  • Would practicing out-loud make the process easier to manage?
  • Is it possible that a mental health issue impacted employment too?
  • Would having evidence from a doctor make a case stronger?
  • Are there trigger words or dates that can help remind us what to talk about?
  • Is it reassuring that we can always ask for a break to step away to the restroom?
  • Would another person help the case when giving hearing testimony?

Hearing Testimony:  Who can Ask Questions

Another common stress or worry that I hear about is the fear of who will ask the questions?  Generally, anybody on the phone or at the court appearance can ask questions.  This includes:

  • The unemployment law judge,
  • An attorney,
  • The employer and their witnesses.

Anxiety with this process is usually amplified because a person does not know what to expect.  Knowing that others will have an opportunity to ask questions can sometimes give relief.

Also, I think it is wise to be prepared for making legal objections such that unfair questions can be put to a halt before they become damaging.

Hearing Testimony:  Does Anxiety Really Matter?

You already know that stress, depression and anxiety is a real thing.  For those that have sought help from their doctor, I commend you.

For those needing help from their doctor, having a diagnosis can really have a positive impact on an unemployment case.  Especially those discharged for employment misconduct.

Hearing Testimony:  Unemployment Benefits are Worth Fighting For

Again, I know stress and anxiety impacts some of my Clients.  In fact, I think having anxiety over giving testimony to a judge or hearing a manager’s voice on the phone can make the situation even worse.

Sometimes, knowing why and how to approach a claim is the best strategy to overcome anxiety.