Why is the Unemployment Office Slow in Responding to my Appeal?

Unemployment Office is Slow
Unemployment Office is Slow

Unemployment office slow is going to take on a new meaning after you read about this.  If you call Minnesota’s unemployment office directly, they will tell you otherwise, but my opinion still stands.

Unfortunately, slow can turn into lost.  Thus, I wanted to address why or how a person can help their slow or lost appeal.

Unemployment Office Slow:  Their Deadlines

Yes, every element of the appeal process has deadlines.  From an applicant’s perspective, deadlines are strictly enforced.  From the perspective of DEED, deadlines waiver.  But, let’s be very real:  I would rather see the process move along slow with the right decision versus a fast response with the wrong decision.

Thus, have faith that they will get it right.

Unemployment Office Slow:  My Experiences

In my experience, I have seen the unemployment office blow right past the deadlines outlined under rule 268.105.  In my early years, I recall waiting for one case nearly three months longer than it should have taken.

Now, I think the best strategy is to follow-up with the assigned judge and unemployment appeal’s office the second something doesn’t look right.

Unemployment Office Slow:  What to Do?

In my experience, the type of appeal a person is experiencing will dictate how to proceed.

That said, the type of appeal most often impacted by a slow response or lost response is a Request for Reconsideration.  I suggest doing two (2) things to combat a slow or lost reconsideration:

  • Contact the unemployment appeal hotline and confirm they received the filing, and
  • Send a letter to the Unemployment Law Judge assigned to the case and ask for confirmation that a decision is forthcoming.

Unemployment Office Slow:  Don’t Do This

I know you need this benefit and bills cannot wait.  Please, stay the course and do not give up.   This means keep requesting benefits (assuming you meet the conditions).

Did I mention not giving up?