Coronavirus Preparation 101

Coronavirus or COVD-19 is serious. From an estate planning perspective, I encourage families, especially the young and old, to prepare for any outbreak, not just a #CoronavirusOutbreak 🤢. This goes for our frontlines too.

‪How Does One Prepare for the Coronavirus?‬

One’s health is most critical. For this reason, I like the idea of putting documents in place such that loved ones can act on my behalf. This starts with:

  • Updated Health Care Directives‬,
  • HIPPA Authorizations‬,
  • ‪Durable POA, and
  • ‪Updating other relevant docs‬ like a Will, Trust, and transfer deeds.

Coronavirus Frontlines

Of course, preparation is critical for everybody. However, assisting one’s family to offer support starts with attention to our frontlines.

This includes our:

  • Military
  • Health Care Providers
  • First Responders
  • Elderly
  • School Employees
  • Transportation Employees

Be prepared and stay safe 🙏