4 Estate Planning Tips For the Advent and Christmas Season


Advent is a special season for many Christian families.

As you prepare for your celebration, here are four (4) quick tips you can apply to your estate plan.

If you find these tips to be helpful during this holiday season, please share with your congregation.

Advent Tip #4: Connect the Past with the Present

Certainly, gathering for a celebration like Christmas is a fun event.  Your family’s legacy requires passing your knowledge and symbols onto the next generation.  For some, this includes pictures.  For others, this includes scrapbooks, heirlooms, and collections.

Thus, connect past advent seasons with the present by adding a special ornament to your Christmas tree.

Advent Tip #3: Recipes Are Underutilized

A lot of people cannot wait to ask me how to pass their mother’s wedding ring onto the next generation when Grandma’s famous pie crust made more people smile.

I agree, passing along jewelry is important.  But, it isn’t everything.  In my experience, tasting an old family recipe can have a greater impact on the family as a whole.

Thus, during this holiday season, I challenge you to track down an old family recipe and add it to your estate plan.

Advent Tip #2:  Share With Others

Giving our time can mean more than making a gift of cash.  Of course, you already know this, but when we are gone, time no longer matters.

Personally, I think sharing a percentage of our estate with a charitable group is far more advantageous than identifying a specific gift or dollar amount.  Here are a few other charitable examples.  Otherwise, every situation and person is different.

Thus, if you are accustomed to sharing with others, then perhaps now is a good time to add a sharing clause limited to a specific percentage to an estate plan.

Advent Tip #1:  Take Care of Yourself

Christmas is a wonderful time to give.  But, advent is a season of preparation too.  As you prepare, consider locking down a plan for yourself too.

Thus, if you need help with your plan, please contact me directly.