Parents Move Back And Stress Is High

Parents Move Back
Parents Move Back

Parents move back.  When Mom and Dad return from their retirement locations, the issue is generally a health matter.  For others, it is the loss of a spouse.  At first, the traveling to and from was time consuming, but easy.  Now, the distance that wasn’t a big deal a few years ago, as turned into worry, stress, and a problem. 

In elder law terms, reverse migration is the process of a family member needing to return from their once ideal location.  When parents move back, whether moving from Florida, Texas, Arizona, finding opportunities to make this easy helps everybody involved. 

Before parents move back, prepare.  Instead of waiting for a health crisis and moving a sick or ill person a long distance, talk with your parents about their health needs.  Even better, double and triple check that a health care agent was designated, and they have HIPAA authorizations in place. 

For those who do not have time to prepare, is there an opportunity for a trusted adult to make financial and legal decisions?  Unfortunately, a durable power of attorney drafted in one state, may not be valid or accepted in another state.  Are key documents outdated?  Certainly, addressing these issues are as relevant as determining how to care for mom and dad. 

As parents move back, ask them whether they planned for long-term care costs or considered a Medicaid Trust their assets? Do they have long-term care insurance, and if so, do they have copies of their policy? 

There will be many moving parts if it is time to move parents from a distance. As I am sure you are aware, the process of helping a parent to decide on a move and parting with their friends, stuff, and environment can be overwhelming.  Whether you have time or time is of the essence, parents moving can be stressful, but less challenging with key planning documents are put into action. 

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