Unemployed and Homeless

Unemployed and Homeless – Audio

Being unemployed is a scary process. The fear of becoming homeless or without food, creeps into the picture. Unfortunately, I hear this alot in my practice.

I think the solution to an unemployment dilemma is keeping it simple and to strategize each step accordingly. Anxiety triggers fear and fear can cause a person to make bad choices. Even worse, anxiety can cause a person to make no choice at all, which can be even more damaging.

Jumping from a job loss and into poverty is not the general rule. For those overcome by the thought of losing everything while weighing the unemployment process, consider organizing a game plan. Consider using this as a starter to your said plan:

  • Review unemployment eligibility requirements,
  • Obtain a copy of your Personnel File,
  • Track your job search process,
  • Prepare your claim for benefits, as if there was an appeal, and
  • Approach each day as a separate and exclusive mission.

Whether this is your first time or last time of engaging the unemployment process, fear and anxiety is normal. On the other hand, consider taking each day or perhaps each hour as your mission for benefits and ultimately finding work.

As a side note, you can see this fight firsthand by following one of my public cases serving the unemployed. Otherwise, I wish you the very best.