Unemployment Questions and my Favorite Answers

Getting ready for unemployment questions for your hearing is an important step in winning an appeal.  And yes, the answers you identified in your application are extremely important.

But, if a person does not know the answers to these three (3) unemployment questions, they will likely fail.

  1. What were your job responsibilities,
  2. Why do you think your job ended, andUnemployment Appeal Minnesota
  3. Describe your last day of work.

If you need help working through questions that might impact your case, please contact me for help.

Unemployment Questions – job responsibilities

The easiest way an unemployment law judge can determine if a person is credible or not is how they respond to unemployment questions.  Thus, getting the easiest questions “right” is really important.

In my opinion, nobody, including a judge and former employers, knows their job better than the person who did it on a regular basis.   As an introduction to nearly every unemployment hearing, the unemployment law judge will ask applicants what they did for work and what their job responsibilities were.

Now, this question is really easy when talking with friends and family.  For whatever reasons, being under oath and responding to a Judge’s questions for the first time is intimidating.  To reduce stress and anxiety, I encourage people to make a list of their job responsibilities before the hearing starts.

Unemployment Questions – why your job ended

The next question that usually trips people up is telling a judge why their job ended.  First, a person has to know whether they quit their job or they were fired for something Minnesota unemployment law defines as “employment misconduct“.Unemployment Questions

Second, being able to connect a job ending to unemployment rule 268.095 is going to give applicants a significant advantage.

Unemployment Questions – last day of work

There is no better way for an unemployment law judge to hear details about a person’s job than reviewing their last day of work.  For this reason, applicants seeking unemployment benefits need to know the details of their last day of work as if it happened yesterday.

Also, I believe knowing details about the last day of work will help an applicant prevent a lie from gaining traction.

Help with Unemployment Questions

If you need help working through questions that might impact your case, please contact me for help.