Requests for Information: Unemployment Tip #17

Requests for Information from the unemployment office in Minnesota can feel repetitive. Minus a few exceptions, Applicants in Minnesota should rarely ignore duplicate requests for information. Here are a handful of thoughts and tips.

Request for Information

Repeat and Repeat

Always assume questions asked on-line or by mail will get repeated. For some, a new questionnaire can come days later. For others, DEED’s repetitive requests can come months later.

Requests for Information Will Keep Coming

Here is what happens. Claims for benefits begin by Applicants filing claims for benefits. Once submitted, Minnesota’s unemployment office will submit a similar questionnaire to the Applicant’s former employer. Assuming the former employer provides feedback, DEED will review the answers.

Applicants should always print and store the questions and answers they provided to the Unemployment Office online or otherwise.

Unemployment Tip # 17

After DEED receives and reviews answers provided by the Employer, the unemployment office has the option to re-submit questions to the Applicant for further consideration or make a determination of coverage.

Unfortunately, Applicants are hardly provided with the details from the answers provided by their former employer. Instead, this will come down the road in yellow envelopes.

Nonetheless, the idea of keeping copies of questions and answers is to gage what was said in the past and to prevent contradiction.

Wrong Answers Given

Lots of Applicants believe they gave the wrong answer or feel like they contradicted themselves when asked to to respond to a request for information.

There are lots of reasons why Applicants feel this way. Here are just a few:

  • They were under stress,
  • Misunderstood questions,
  • Memory lapse, and
  • Lack of knowledge,

Sometimes, facts shared through this process can get clarified through the appeal process.