You Don’t Need Unemployment Help Because You Did This

Unemployment help means something different to everybody.

Your situation is different from your co-worker, friend and family member.  Here is what unemployment help means:   Unemployment Help

(1)  Help filling out an application,

(2)  One-on-one consultations,

(3)  Phone hearing,

(4) Filing an Appeal,

(5)  Gathering evidence, seeking subpoenas, confronting the other party, etc.,

(6)  Filing a Request for Reconsideration,

(7)  Representation during an Unemployment Audit,

(8)  Help with a Garnishment,

(9)  Negotiating a re-payment plan specific to an overpayment,

(10)  Reduce unemployment taxes and penalties,

(11)  An appeal to the Minnesota Court of Appeals,

(12)  An appeal to the Minnesota Supreme Court,

(13)  Other services specific to your situation.

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