Appealing An Unemployment Claim With Snake Oil

Snake Oil
Snake Oil

Snake oil is a medical term that means of little value.  In other words, a treatment that offers little value is viewed as snake oil.

Likewise, I use the term snake oil when I hear unemployment appeal strategies unsupported by a sound legal rule or principal.  Unfortunately, thinking we are right is snake oil.  Pointing to a rule under Chapter 268 that supports a specific event is much more effective process.

Snake Oil:  Unemployment Sources

Unfortunately, we can find many sources of unemployment snake oil.  This includes spouses, siblings, friends, parents and former co-workers.

Look, most people in our life want the very bests for us.  Sometimes, this means agreeing with an anecdote supported by love versus sound rules of law.

Snake Oil and Being Objective

Most folks who contact me about an unemployment issue are trying to figure out whether they have a case.  I agree with this strategy.  Determining whether a claim is valid or invalid means finding a rule that supports an event.

Sometimes, selecting a legal strategy is easy.  Although it can be difficult to share with another person that Minnesota’s unemployment laws do not support a discharge, determining whether a person has other options, like finding another way to become eligible for benefits, brings me great satisfaction.

Thus, one of my many jobs is to offer objective advisement.  Please avoid drinking snake oil and contact me directly.