Picking the Wrong UI Identification Number

UI Issue ID Number
UI Issue ID Number

UI identification numbers are a big deal when a person appeals their case.  In my experience, there are three reasons why people fail with this issue:

  • They use the wrong id number,
  • People confuse the document number with the issue number, and
  • Applicants don’t realize they have more than one number for their case.

Thus, lets explore these problem areas one by one.

UI Identification Number:  The Wrong Number

Anybody who has received more than one letter from the unemployment office on any given day can confuse their case number with something else.  For one, the number is random.  Second, very few people have experience with a claim for benefits.

Luckily, we can set the record straight by accessing the on-line account.  Upon doing so and clicking around a bit, eventually a person will find a long number that looks like a social security number, but isn’t.  Generally, this is what is called an issue identification number.

Now, the confusing part comes when applicants confuse a  “document id number” on a letter they received with the actual issue number for their unemployment account.

** Do not confuse the document number with an issue id number **

UI identification Number:  More than One Number

Here is another problem I see:  applicants seeking benefits sometimes think they have one claim with one number.  Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

The way I look at it is this:  every time the unemployment office has a question about a person’s case, they will assign an identification number.

Sometimes, questions can appear related.  For example, fraud and an overpayment issue.  Or, an earnings issue with a discharge issue.  Always look for more than one issue ID number.

Here is another surprise.  Applicants can have dozens of issue identification numbers assigned to their benefit account.  In this situation, managing records is even more critical.

So far so good, right?  Just wait to see what I fear the most.

UI Identification Number
UI Identification Number

UI Identification Number:  One of My Biggest Fears

My biggest fear for Applicants is the failure to appeal one or all of their unemployment issue identification numbers.

I have advised far to many people who have made errors in their appeal filing.  For this reason, please be cautious and prudent.

Therefore, do not confuse the document number with an issue id number.