Unemployment Audits On the Rise

An unemployment audit looks different to just about every person. For some, an audit starts with an on-line questionnaire. For others, an audit starts is a phone call or an email. A select few never connect the dots until the very end. That said, audits for unemployment benefits are on the rise.

The pandemic has not been easy for anybody. For those seeking benefits, this is already a known fact. To make matters worse, applicants spend hours and even days calling the unemployment office only to get disconnected. I share this frustration.

Right or wrong, the unemployment office is following their same pattern as in the year 2007/2008. What I mean is I am seeing trends that are turning from eligibility to a re-review of benefits that started back to early 2020. In other words, audits are on the rise.

What makes 2021 and likely 2022 cases different from the past is the the fact the unemployment office is following a set of new rules that have been poorly vetted out by auditors and others. These new rules are those that apply to benefits for PUA or Pandemic Unemployment Assistance.

Taking this into consideration, because every audit looks different, each person impacted by this process should consider a strategy specific to their own situation.

How Can An Unemployment Lawyer Help?

Attorney Jasper Berg