Can You Get Unemployment on MLK Day in Minnesota?

MLK day is difficult for unemployed workers.  Figuring out how to manage benefits on this day is equally difficult.  Thus, here are a few quick points on benefits in Minnesota:

  • Yes, applicants can request benefits online;
  • No, applicants will not be able to request benefits by phone, and
  • No, contacting DEED’s customer service department will be impossible.


Unemployment on MLK Day: Online Account

Yes, applicants should be able to request benefits online.  As you know, applicants are limited to a Monday through Friday system that limits access from 6 am to 6 pm.

*** TIP:  Take the Application Questions Seriously ***

MLK Day and Unemployment Support

No, applicants wishing to connect with an unemployment representative by phone will not be able to talk with somebody until Tuesday.

Appealing Unemployment on MLK Day

Folks looking to appeal unemployment benefits are encouraged to approach a holiday with critical care.  For one, deadlines are significant.  Second, our mail system is closed.

On the other hand, sending an appeal by fax might be a strong alternative in addition to filing an appeal online.

Unemployment on MLK Day:  What To Do?

I encourage folks to use this holiday to look for jobs in the private sector.  The holiday will not impact your job search and submission process.

Even though unemployment on MLK Day is problematic, the goal of seeking work or being available for work is still a valid goal.