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Funeral Directive MN
Funeral Directive MN

Young or old, a funeral is a difficult process.  Military and non-military persons have different goals and expectations for end of life matters.

As an estate planning attorney, my goal is to educate and inspire a conversation with people and families needing help with end of life matters.

Funeral Benefits and Rights

Prior to death, a person can utilize certain documents to assist their family when a death occurs.  One of these documents is a funeral directive.  Basically, this type of document answers basic questions.

For example, selecting a specific ceremony based on our faith, identifying whether we want to be buried whole or cremated and selecting a location for our burial ground.

Additionally, you will find articles that address eulogies, military burial ceremonies, creditor claims and related issues and matters.

For those interested in meeting me one-on-one, I think my community education courses are fantastic.

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