Why are Ft. Snelling Headstones Larger for Some Veterans?

Some Ft. Snelling Headstones are larger than others.  If you recently visited the Ft. Snelling National Cemetery, perhaps you have seen this too.

If not, I took a picture for illustration purposes.  In my practice, I help Veterans with their funeral arrangements within an estate plan and inevitably, I will get asked about headstones.

Thus, I addressed this issue on Twitter too:

Ft. Snelling Headstones – Some are Larger?

The answer is very simple:  larger headstone represent a gravesite with more than one veteran.  The picture I posted on Twitter represents a group of Minnesota veterans who died in an airplane crash as one.  

Likely, you and your family would have wanted this same type of memorial too.

Ft. Snelling Headstones:   Need to Know

Really though, I think this is an excellent way to introduce two VA forms that MN Veterans can use and reduce stress on their family.

If you are able, here are a few VA forms that apply to Ft. Snelling headstones and private funeral arraignment for veterans:

Therefore, as Veterans consider their funeral directive, I believe including one of these forms can offer significant value to a complete game plan.