Estate Planning Attorney

An estate planning attorney does more than creating a will.  As a lawyer helping others with estate goals and issues, my job is more human planning.

Human planning means advising people and families about:

Estate Planning
  • Wealth Transfers,
  • Insurance Alignments,
  • Health Challenges,
  • Religious Considerations,
  • Financial Decisions,
  • Longevity Planning,
  • Emergency and Disability Planning,
  • Charitable Giving,
  • Peace of Mind,
  • And much more.

For some, decision making comes easy, while others find it burdensome or uncomfortable.  A primary goal for this law office is to advise, simplify, draft, and advocate.

Every person and family has goals too. As a listener first, it is my job to hear and understand the objective and share advisement. Choices are a lot easier to address once the pros and cons are outlined.

Thus, consider the following steps to the planning process.

Estate Planning Steps

When I meet with veterans, families and single persons, I start with asking questions.  What are your concerns, what do you want to have happen, and who do you trust?  Sometimes, this discussion can take Clients minutes or weeks to think through.  Believe me, this is normal.

As a source of truth, I like the idea of reviewing what Minnesota’s attorney general says about estate planning.  Upon hearing your goals and priorities, issue spotting becomes much easier.

An estate planning attorney can identify and advise with issues a lot of families need support. This includes:

Estate Planning in Minnesota
Estate Planning

After Life Transitions

When we move onto the next level, a lawyer helping or advising an estate takes on different roles.  Generally, the process transitions into advising a personal representative (“PR”), trustee or beneficiary.

Post-death planning issues include:

Estate Lawyer and Services

Seeking help from an Estate Lawyer means different things to every person and family.  Here are a few examples:

  1. One-on-one Consultations,
  2. Drafting documents and memorandums,
  3. Document review,
  4. Representation during the probate process, and
  5. On-going advocacy at your discretion.

Again, because every person and every family dynamic is different, every plan should be different too.

Meeting an Estate Planning Attorney

If you are curious who I am and how I do things, please check out one of my classes. Otherwise, it is as simple as sending me a message down using the form below.

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