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As an estate planning attorney, I think about death.  Thinking and planning for a bad day will place value on the good days.

For some, end-of-life decisions is an easy process, while others find it difficult, stressful and uncomfortable.

For you, I want your next step to be easy.

Estate Planning Attorney: Before Death

When I meet with veterans, families and single persons, I start with what might our last day look like and how will our family and friends respond.  From there, it is a matter of identifying a document to help for a given situation.

As a source of truth, I like the idea of reviewing what Minnesota’s attorney general says about estate planning.  Upon hearing your goals and priorities, issue spotting becomes much easier.

While we are alive, an estate planning attorney can draft and assist with:

Estate Planning Attorney:  Post Death

When we die, a lawyer helping an estate can take on different roles.  Generally, my role is limited to either advising a personal representative (“PR”), trustee or beneficiary.

Post-death planning issues for an attorney include:

Estate Lawyer and Services

Seeking help from an Estate Lawyer means different things to every person and family.  Here are a few examples:

  1. One-on-one Consultations,Edina Estate Attorney MN
  2. Drafting documents and memorandums,
  3. Document review,
  4. Representation during the probate process, and
  5. On-going advocacy at your discretion.

Again, because every person and every family dynamic is different, every plan should be different too.

Meet an Estate Planning Attorney

If you are curious who I am and how I do things, please check out one of my classes through the Community Ed Department in Richfield, Minnesota or Adult Enrichment Dept. in Bloomington Minnesota.

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