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Estate planning in Minnesota is unique to every person and family.

To make matters more interesting, estate planning laws and rules are different in Minnesota versus other placees.

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Estate Planning Goal

I believe everybody has a basic need for a plan.  Having a plan alleviates problems, stress, and hopefully conflict.

Estate Planning:  A Simple Plan

For those wishing to keep things simple, a simple estate plan usually includes  a last will and testament, revocable trust, durable power of attorney, a power of attorney, and a health care directive (sometimes called a living will).  

Other times, families are looking to their current plans up-to-date with addendums and codicils.  The idea behind this process is to make a change to a plan already in place.

More Complicated Estate Plans

Sometimes, plans and family dynamics makes things more complicated.  Not to worry, these issues can be handled with preparation and planning too.

For example, the process of funding a trust, transferring property, incorporating a trust for a family cabin or business, and related issues to reduce the risk of probate.

Additionally, you will find postings about inheritance taxes, IRA transfers, gifting, and transfer on death deeds.

Estate Planning Turned Probate

When we die, the process turns from estate planning to estate administration.

Here, you will find other postings about formal probate, informal probate, and trust administration.

Other posts will address a review of Minnesota estate statutes, guardianships, end of life issues, and related matters.

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