Who Profits the Most when You to Die Without a Plan?

Die Without a Plan

Die Without a Plan

Take a guess who profits the most when you die without a plan.  Yes, failing to make a plan might actually generate more revenue for attorneys and your family.

So yes, die without a plan makes life better for everybody except  your family.

On the other hand, I believe making choices today can be the saving grace for a happy family.” 

Here are a few ways you help your family:

  • Giving them permission to transfer your stuff before entering a nursing home,
  • Picking a back-up guardian for your child,
  • Helping them determine whether you should be buried or cremated,
  • Picking a quarterback to facilitate your estate,
  • Picking a back-up quarterback to handle your estate,
  • Helping your family identify heirlooms (like wedding rings),
  • Identifying a home for your pets, and
  • Everything else.

Of course, if your family member didn’t have a plan, Minnesota protects families from unreasonable probate costs.

Die Without a Plan

In case it isn’t obvious, no, I do not want you to die without a plan.  In fact, I think we can offer tremendous value to our families (small and large) when we give them help.

Thus, please share this with others if you agree.


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