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Minnesota Veterans Lawyer
Minnesota Veterans Lawyer

Veterans benefits is an area of law that this very unique.

As a veterans benefits and disability attorney, the idea behind these blog postings is  to inspire a conversation with military veterans and their families seeking help.

Thus, I hope you enjoy my postings.

Veterans Benefits: Types of Issues

Benefits for military veterans are constantly changing.  Likewise, the needs of a veteran change too.  For some military vets, they need help with their employment status. Others need help with a disability ratings and pensions.

Below, please find discussions about appeals, effective dates, notices, funeral services, increased ratings, and applicable VA Forms just to name a few.

Also, you will find topics regarding an appeal to a Regional Office, BVA and the Veteran’s Appeals Court.

Other Veterans Benefit Issues

As most veterans are aware, rights and benefits are overwhelming.  As a Veteran myself, using military language comes easy.  Sometimes, this can be helpful in the application process or finding a specific form for assistance.

I am very grateful to those offering comments and sharing these posts with other people.

Otherwise, if a veteran or their family needs help with an issue or matter, please contact this law office for one-on-one attention.