Why Seasonal Unemployment Stinks

Seasonal unemployment can stink for non-union workers.  I believe you have an opportunity to fight back.  Today, I will focus on my non-union friends.  Seasonal Unemployment

Yes, unemployment rules are different for non-union workers versus union workers.  Even more significant, non-union workers can be categories as:

  • Agricultural workers and
  • All other workers.

Provided you are able to categorize your job status, I hope you find the following outline exclusive to workers concerned they will be laid off after the busy season helpful to your unemployment process.

Rule 1 why Seasonal Unemployment Stinks

You already know this, but I will express it anyways.  Having a seasonal job stinks because it is impossible to guess when the job will end.  Unless there are extenuating circumstances, I believe a worker can improve the likelihood of being eligible for benefits when they work every possible day.

In other words, do not end your job prematurely because you know the job will end sooner than later or somebody stated the job was going to end.  Instead, stick it out until they [your employer] specifically states you cannot work and you are not allowed to come back.

Rule 2 why Seasonal Unemployment Stinks

The second reason why seasonal unemployment is no fun is because workers sometimes want a more permanent job that pays the same or more than their last job.

Minnesota unemployment rules for seasonal unemployment suggest a worker likely has to accept a temporary job.  However, a worker’s skill, job market and wage history impacts the worker’s eligibility.

Rule 3 why Seasonal Unemployment Stinks

The third reason why seasonal unemployment stinks is because certain payments delay unemployment benefits.

Obviously a seasonal worker finding themselves out of work needs benefits as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, these types of payments delay benefits:

  • Vacation pay,
  • Sick pay,
  • Personal time off pay, and
  • Separation pay.

In my experience, some workers do not know why or how much money to expect in their paycheck.  Sometimes, workers get pay checks weeks or months after their job ended.

Long story short, keep accurate records and do your very best to answer weekly eligibility questions with precision.

Other Minnesota laws impacting Seasonal Unemployment

Yes, there are many other laws that impact a worker’s eligibility.  I encourage all seasonal workers in Minnesota to familiarize themselves with the following:

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