Unemployment Tip # 003 – Work Force Center

Continuing on with my new series for unemployment tips, I want to address the work force center.

For some reason, newly unemployed workers want to spill their story with the workers and staff members assigned to the workforce center they happen to visit.


Unemployment Tip # 003 –  Do not ask the Work Force Center for advice regarding an appeal or how to handle a claim.

The call center at DEED and the various workers at the work force center are the eyes and ears of those who deny claims.  Hopefully, applicants do not find out the hard way.  

Here are just a few examples.  Yes, I have had Clients share their medical history with the work force center, which inspired an audit.  Another example I see often is a worker asking for clarification on the types of jobs they should be looking for, which can lead to “suitable employment” and “labor market” appeals.

In addition to bad advice, in my experience, the work force center creates problems for employees trying to seek benefits.  Thus, I believe it is good practice to reduce conversation to the bare minimum.

How Can An Unemployment Lawyer Help?

Attorney Jasper Berg