Unemployed and Scared of the Employer’s Big Bad Law Firm

Unemployed workers are scared, and I know it.  Very few people wanted their job to end.  For those that quit their job, the process of appealing benefits can be just as difficult.  So far, nothing new.

However, when the other side hires a big bad law firm to fight your appeal, it can send some folks into a spiral of anxiety.  On a human level, I try to do everything in my power to help people overcome these fears by:

  • Outlining Options and
  • Keeping them Informed.

Perhaps this will help.  Except for seasonal workers, most people encounter the unemployment system once or twice in a lifetime, maybe never.  As a result, being scared is normal, if not the general rule.

Scared of the Big Bad Law Firm

Take comfort in your story and your situation.  The process of proving an unemployment claim does not hinge on the other side’s attorney.  The applicant’s story, whether an employee, worker, executive, or otherwise is the most significant piece to the puzzle.

Yes, strategies might change slightly.  But, facts are facts.  What makes the process somewhat difficult are the lies that appear as facts.  When this happens, applicants seeking benefits need to hold the line and identify exactly where the employer’s story went wrong.

Attorney for Attorney

No, just because an employer hired a big bad law firm, this doesn’t mean applicants are stuck, hopeless, or on the verge of getting squashed like a banana.  In my experience, unemployed workers need every dollar they have to support their transition from no job to a new job.  But, meeting with an attorney makes sense when:

  • Folks want to know if they have a strong argument,
  • Learning how to turn a bad case into a good case,
  • Identifying key facts,
  • Picking pieces of evidence,
  • Familiarizing oneself with the process and how to strike first, and
  • Peace of mind.

Again, an attorney is not for everybody, yet there are other people who desperately need one-on-one assistance.  Ultimately though, it is a personal choice.

Unemployment Fears Go Away

Browsing the web for answers is stressful.  But, I believe those unemployed fears can go away or lessen.  Fear of an appeal becomes less and less when employees verbalize their reasoning and are prepared for the difficult question.

The actual fear of being unemployed goes away when workers find ways to get out of their home (volunteer, part-time work, etc.) and when a full-time job is within one’s grasp.

In case you need a reminder, that next phone call or e-mail with a job offer could literally be minutes away.  I wish you the best.