The Devil or TALX: Unemployment MN

TalxTALX is a business in Missouri that helps other businesses reduce unemployment claims.

If you are appealing a claim for unemployment benefits and received notice your employer or former employer is represented by TALX, please consider seeking help.  

Why is TALX so bad?

It is the opinion of this law office that TALX is hired to identify and highlight your employment and place it in a negative light.

Often, this organization misconstrues facts and twists issues to point blame in your direction.  Their first step is generally in the form of a letter.  If they are on the phone on behalf of your former employer, talk bad about your work performance and submit random pieces of evidence that is irrelevant yet causes havoc.

How do you find out if TALX represents your employer?

Generally, an Applicant seeking unemployment benefits will not find out about TALX until the very last moment.  Hopefully, you receive a notice from the unemployment office upon receiving their evidence packet.

If you see a strange document from an unclear source, perhaps it was from an agent representing your former employer.  TALX is sometimes identified as TALX Employer Services or Equifax.

Will a TALX representative be at you hearing?

Recently, this law office has seen a decline in TALX physically participating at unemployment hearings.

Even if a TALX representative does not participate at the phone hearing, the mere submission of their documents and rhetoric can prevent workers from speaking to the issue versus allegations of employment misconduct.

Is it legal for TALX to participate at an unemployment hearing?

Yes, the rule that supports third party administrators or employer agents like TALX is supported under Minnesota Statute 268.103.

Need help with TALX or an Employer?

If you need help defending a claim for unemployment benefits and are fearful of TALX or a related employer-agent, please contact this law office for help.