TALX, Equifax, and the Unemployment Devil


TALX and Equifax are a business in Missouri that helps businesses appeal unemployment claims. They seek this goal as an effort to reduce tax dollars.

Of course, there are many smaller companies across the country who do the same thing. If you come across any of these hired gunners, proceed with caution.

So, If you are appealing a claim for unemployment benefits and received notice your employer or former employer is represented by TALX, please consider seeking advisement.  

Why is TALX and Equifax Bad?

Maybe bad was the wrong word. Instead, maybe the word is evil. Even certain government agencies are blinded. I am sure TALX would disagree. Even Equifax would disagree. I guess where I stand is the impact I have seen thereafter.

In my experience, TALX and Equifax will twist an event into an a storyline that isn’t true, while picking at a comma and period within an employer’s handbook. The bad part of this whole process is that many applicants are surprised when they hear this for the first time at their phone hearing.

Luckily, there are strong reasons that allow applicants, employees, workers, managers, and everybody in-between to stand up for themselves and fight back.

How Do You Find Out Who Represents The Employer?

Generally, an Applicant seeking unemployment benefits will not find out about TALX or Equifax until the very last moment.  Sometimes. there are clues. Other times, Applicants must ask DEED for a list of witnesses prior to their hearing.

In a perfect setting, the claimant seeking benefits will receive notice from the unemployment office in side their evidence packet.

If you see a strange document from an unclear source, perhaps it was from an agent representing your former employer.  TALX is sometimes identified as TALX Employer Services or Equifax.

Will Their Representative Be On the Phone?

Sometimes yes and sometimes no. In other words, every person should be prepared as if their employer has representation, whether an attorney or otherwise. The otherwise, which I described herein, has caused lots of emotional harm to individuals trying to move forward from their job loss.

Even if a TALX or an Equifax representative does not participate at the phone hearing, the mere submission of their documents, evidence, and rhetoric can cause problems without knowing how to respond.

Yes, the rule that supports third party administrators or employer agents like TALX is supported under Minnesota Statute 268.103.

How Can An Unemployment Lawyer Help?

Attorney Jasper Berg