Managers Unemployment has reached 26.5% in Minnesota

Managers Unemployment
Managers Unemployment

Managers unemployment statistics are increasing at an alarming rate.

Even though the unemployment rate in MN is 3.3%, the unemployment rate for managers in Minnesota is 26.%.

Managers Unemployment:  What are the Numbers?

Compared to the past year, approximately 200 more supervisors in 2016 than 2015 requested unemployment benefits.

My hope for 2017 is that managers and bosses trying to appeal their benefits will take an appeal seriously to reduce the risk of having their unemployment benefits denied by MN.

Managers Unemployment:  Who Does this Include?

The term “manager” is an occupation defined by the Department of Labor.  Really, it is easier to identify who is not a manager versus define who is considered a supervisor.

A manager does NOT include:

  • Business operations,
  • Financial operations,
  • Computer occupations,
  • Mathematical occupations,
  • Sales, or
  • Office support staff.

Managers Unemployment:  Why this is Important?

In my experience, this is why these numbers are important:  because the unemployment office can scrutinize a person’s labor market.

If I am a manager and I lost my job, then logic says I should look for another manager job.  The unemployment statistics referenced above suggest that this will be a difficult process.

As a result, I want to prepare myself early and quickly by including  jobs outside my labor market into my job search process.

Managers Unemployment:  Appealing Benefits

Unemployment appeals specific to managers is another interesting.  Generally, managers trying to collect unemployment benefits do not have many issues when their job loss is due to a layoff.

However, employers who like to exaggerate will claim their manager failed in their responsibilities, acted intentionally or were negligent.  In layman’s terms, the unemployment office calls this employment misconduct.

Even though managers unemployment levels are high, conceding your claim because you are accused of misconduct is unacceptable.  As stressful as it might appear, I encourage digging in and proving up your case.