Medical Records for Unemployment: Unemployment Tip #002

Medical records for unemployment seems like an odd combination, but it happens a lot. Continuing on with my new series for unemployment tips, I will address medical records.  When a medical issue impacts our job performance, likely, there are medical records.

Unfortunately, Applicants in Minnesota are often tricked into assuming forms used by the unemployment office are helpful.  If they were, then I wouldn’t need to address this issue.

Physical and mental health records for unemployment appeals can impact employees who quit their job and  those discharged for employment misconduct.

Unemployment Tip # 002 –  If an Applicant’s health is an issue, always consider seeking a formal written opinion from a treating physician that incorporates language form the Minnesota unemployment statute.

It is never a bad idea to seek help. But, if your physical or mental health is even remotely related to your unemployment appeal, you owe it to yourself to find additional support.

How Can An Unemployment Lawyer Help?

Attorney Jasper Berg