Unemployment Tip # 002 – Medical Records for Unemployment

Medical Records for Unemployment

Medical Records for Unemployment

Continuing on with my new series for unemployment tips, I want to address medical records.  Medical records for unemployment appeals can impact employees who quit their job and  those discharged for employment misconduct.

Unemployment Tip # 002 –  If an Applicant’s health is an issue, always seek a formal written opinion from a treating physician that incorporates language form the Minnesota unemployment statute.

Unfortunately, Applicants in Minnesota are often tricked into assuming forms used by the unemployment office are helpful.  If they were, then I wouldn’t need to address this issue.

When the unemployment office asks Applicants to take forms to their doctor for review, start scrutinizing everything.  Luckily, you found somebody who knows how to handle these types of issues.

I wish you the best.

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