Unemployment Tip #012: Your Online Benefit Account

An online benefit account for unemployment benefits in Minnesota is the holy grail.  Because I am seeing an uptick in unemployed workers who are confused and surprised by letters they received from the unemployment office, I wanted to take a second to address a very important step when trying to manage benefits or appeals.  

In my experience, most of the surprise factor could be alleviated by doing one thing.

Thus, please consider the following:

Unemployment Tip # 012 – Even if you call yourself computer illiterate, accessing your unemployment account and benefits information online can reduce anxiety, stress, and surprises.”

Online Benefit Account for Unemployment

Once a person accesses their online account, much more of the unemployment maze gets revealed.

Of course, for those trying to reduce the risk of a garnishment, I get the fear that “they” might track us down.  If this is an issue, please consider contacting me directly.

Otherwise, using the online system isn’t a necessity, but it helps identify legal issues when seeking help.


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