An Interview For The Unemployed Worker in Minnesota Got Ugly

Interview For The Unemployed
Interview For The Unemployed

An interview for the unemployed is stressful.  Answering questions about a job loss makes this process even more difficult.   This is especially true when a person does not know how to classify the events that led up to their job ending.

Because most folks who contact me are unemployed, I am very familiar with this type of anxiety.

Being Scared about the Unemployment Label

No, I do not think workers should be scared of referring to their job loss as a lay off.  Really, what alternative do we have?  It happened and now we need to move on, right?  On the other hand, we cannot make the situation worse by falling for a trap.

For one, a layoff and getting fired is practically the same thing.  The distinction people get stuck on, are the words and events that led to their job ending.

Whether an employer is honest or they stretch the truth to avoid unemployment taxes imposed by Minnesota, is not a problem or issue a person should bring to their next interview and job.  Please read on, for more tips.

Interview For the Unemployed Worker:  Resume

Personally, I like to see people focusing more on their skills and talents within a cover letter, resume or application than a negative.

First, time and space is of the essence.  Second, the interview process is likely the better venue for discussing a job loss.  Third, a person gets hired based on their talents.  You already know this, but I will say it always: focus on your positive attributes instead.

Applications for Unemployed Workers in Minnesota

Surprisingly, I meet with a lot of people who cannot wait to fill out a job application and use their past employer as a reference or summarize a storyline that led to their job ending.  Don’t do this!

Would a divorced person encourage a potential date to ask their ex-souse questions about a past marriage?  Of course not!  Your divorced?  Ok, lets move on.  Likewise, I believe the same is true for folks filling out applications and work past the unemployment process.

That said, a person who is divorced shouldn’t lie about being married.  And, job applications shouldn’t lie about having a past job.

The trick is keeping it simple.  In my experience, a lot of employees, workers, managers or whatever, are able to state with a clear conscious that their job ended because they were laid off.  Period.  When the situation is more complicated, I think seeking help is highly encouraged.

Unemployed Workers Getting Interviewed

Every person who has suffered a recent job loss (quitting or otherwise) should take their unemployment benefits seriously to assist in their transition.  After that, focus on acquiring an interview.

The difference between a bad interview and a great interview is preparation.  Unfortunately, unemployed workers are failing at the interview question about their job loss.  Sometimes, future employers use “why do you want this job” as another way of asking about your job loss.  Do not fall for this trap.

Luckily, you read this article and contacted me directly.  Limiting an answer to a lay-off is so much easier than talking about a bunch of events which only a significant other and an attorney should know about.  Perhaps you agree.

Either way, I wish you the very best.