Unemployment Tip for Covered Employment Appeals

Covered Employment

Covered employment is a significant issue you didn’t know existed. The issue is whether your job was counted as “covered employment” or the opposite, “noncovered employment”.

Noncovered employment isn’t good for benefits, because it means a person is not eligible for unemployment. Sometimes, employers will argue that a certain job was “noncovered employment” to avoid or reduce taxes.

Unemployment Tip # 004 –  Applicants should always be prepared to make the argument that their job was covered employment.

Applicants who see this issue raised are using those working as a contract employee or as an independent contractor. Other jobs that run into problems are those aligned with the State of Minnesota. Unfortunately, Applicants in Minnesota are often tricked into assuming it doesn’t matter.  For those wishing to acquire benefits, it matters.

How Can An Unemployment Lawyer Help?

Attorney Jasper Berg