Did Ransomeware for Unemployment Just Get Real?

Ransomeware for Unemployment
Ransomeware for Unemployment

Ransomeware for unemployment benefits sounds crazy, but lets assume the threats of computer viruses and ransomeware this week are real.

Rhetorically speaking, what if benefits are impacted by a malware program?  Even worse, what if we cannot file an appeal or request benefits?  Lets develop a contingency plan supported by law.

Will Ransomeware for Unemployment impact a Request?

As unlikely as it might be,  I believe knowing there are different methods of requesting benefits can offer relief.  A computer is not the only source for a weekly benefit request.

Did you know Minnesota supports a request by phone?

I encourage everybody to have this unemployment link printed out and on standby.  Assuming applicants are prepared, I do not think ransomeware will impact the request process for weekly UI benefits.

Ransomeware for Unemployment Impacts Appeals

Somebody out there has already thought about using ransomeware as a reason why they didn’t file an appeal properly.  Otherwise, I am the only one.  Although this defense probably won’t work, consider this.

Minnesota’s unemployment appeal process supports filing an appeal using other methods in addition to a computer.  For confirmation, check out unemployment law 268.103, which outlines different methods for applicants to file appeals.

Unfortunately, the directions offered by the Work Force Center contradict the statute.  If you read my take on the Work Force Center, then perhaps you already knew my position on their website.

Anyways, the point I am trying to make is this:  an appeal for benefits is unlikely going to be impacted by ransomeware for unemployment because of the Minnesota law referenced above.  But, following the requirements within the statute are going to become critically important.

Ransomeware Final Point

Nearly everybody seeking benefits is looking for work or jobs using a computer.  Incase your computer falls apart down the road, consider this outline to hedge against computer glitches.  And, be careful with your e-mail!  

Despite these new stresses, I wish you the very best during your appeal process.