DEED’s Appeal Envelopes Are Yellow: Unemployment Tip #016

Appeal envelopes from the unemployment office are white with red letters. But, the yellow envelopes are even more important. Here are a handful of thoughts and tips.

Unemployment Tip #016

Parties and applicants need to watch their mailbox for yellow envelopes..  To date, Minnesota’s unemployment office (DEED) uses yellow envelopes to distribute evidence received or added to the ‘record’.   

Appeal Envelopes:  Why This Is Important

A lot of people contact this law office for the purpose of inquiring about when or how to receive documents from their employer.  In my experience, the process of making sure a party receives their yellow envelopes is really a big deal. 

Parties (including the unemployment office) are required to follow strict rules about distributing exhibits.    Exhibits is a fancy word for “evidence“. Basically, the process of submitting evidence needs to be fair.

Unemployment Appeals
Unemployment Appeals

Our Constitution mandates fairness. When the unemployment office submits yellow envelopes, they generally contain contain exhibits. The process for exhibits and evidence is a constitutional issue. Thus, this is a big deal.

Appeal Envelopes: Other Questions

What else is included within the appeal envelopes? Again, the unemployment office distributes the communications.being distributed by the unemployment office? Lots of things are found within these described envelopes, including:

  • Notices,
  • Application submissions,
  • Subpoena requests (when done right), and
  • Other pieces of evidence submitted for consideration.

Watch The Mailbox Like a Hawk

I agree, finding a post on-line that discusses appeal envelopes is strange. But, the key here is knowing that it is coming. Unfortunately, knowing what to do with these envelopes is a completing different topic.

Nonetheless, brining this issue to the attention of unemployed workers and those fighting appeals was the intent of this piece.


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