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Unemployment evidence for an unemployment appeal in can become overwhelming, especially in Minnesota.

This is especially true when applicants need help with subpoenas or are fearful of the other side stating lies.

As an unemployment lawyer, my goal is to educate and inspire a conversation with applicants seeking help with evidentiary issues.  .

Evidence for Unemployment

The first issue is knowing the standard.  Minnesota unemployment cases use a preponderance of the evidence standard.

Next, I like the idea of dividing facts into two categories:  facts that help an applicant win their appeal and facts that could deny a claim for benefits.

Generally, there are a variety of ways to show facts that support unemployment.  This includes testimony, documentation, witnesses, video and anything tangible.

Unfortunately, one of the most difficult steps requires presenting evidence to an unemployment law judge.  As a result, I try to identify some tips and tricks below.

Thus, please gab a cup of coffee, review some of my postings, and share with others.  Additionally, I hope you find time to contact me one-on-one.

Unemployment Transcripts

Getting Copies of Your Unemployment Transcripts

Unemployment transcripts are extremely important because they help formulate an appeal.  For example, obtaining your transcript can help applicants: Identify testimony, Make reference to lies, Support procedural errors. Thus, obtaining a transcript from an unemployment case is a process I…