Getting Copies of Your Unemployment Transcripts

Unemployment TranscriptsUnemployment transcripts are extremely important because they help formulate an appeal.  For example, obtaining your transcript can help applicants:

  • Identify testimony,
  • Make reference to lies,
  • Support procedural errors.

Thus, obtaining a transcript from an unemployment case is a process I believe every applicant should engage.

Unemployment Transcripts:  Rule in Minnesota

The rule for obtaining a transcript depends on the type of appeal an applicant is seeking.  Although not always the case, Minnesota rule 3310.2917 supports applicants in their process of obtaining copies, evidence and testimony from their hearing.

Unfortunately, the unemployment office does not always agree.  For this reason, making reference to Minnesota’s constitution along with a more diligent approach can sometimes support a transcript request.

Again though, the type of appeal (court of appeals versus a request for reconsideration) will dictate the process utilized for obtaining unemployment transcripts.