Eligible for Unemployment Until I Failed their Test

eligible for unemploymentPassing your eligible for unemployment test is hard because people filling out applications do not understand the questions.  In my humble opinion, every worker should be eligible for unemployment if they can pass this first test:

  • I had a job,
  • My job ended,
  • I am unemployed, and
  • I am looking for a job day and night.

Eligible for Unemployment in Minnesota

Yes, Minnesota has a very specific set of conditions or tests that are used to weed out applicants.  In fact, the actual law is called “eligibility conditions” and you can find it here.

Here is what the unemployment office in Minnesota looks for:

  1. Did the person file an application,
  2. The person is unemployed according to rule 268.035,
  3. The worker has received wages in the past year,
  4. The worker is seeking “suitable employment”, and
  5. When asked, the worker is attending classes at Minnesota’s workforce center.

I do not know if I am unemployed

Yes, there are many people who do not know if they are unemployed and fail this part of the test.  Generally, a person does not know if they are unemployed if:

Eligible for unemployment by seeking suitable employment

Yes, another condition or test a worker needs to satisfy to become eligible for unemployment is the process of seeking suitable employment.

Unfortunately, what is suitable employment and what is not suitable employment is equally challenging.  Generally, most workers can pinpoint the type of work they have done in past.  Looking for suitable employment usually means looking for a job similar to your career history.

Eligible for unemployment by being available for a job

Yes, the requirement of being available also prevents applicants from becoming eligible for unemployment.

Minnesota says a worker is available for a job if they are “ready, willing and able”.  In other words, you can work by saying “yes, I will be there”.  Again, a worker can fail this piece of the test if they are:

  • Injured,
  • On vacation,
  • Doing silly things to avoid their phone, e-mail or mail.

Eligible for unemployment and the workforce center

Unfortunately, there is not a specific standard who gets selected or required to seek assistance through Minnesota’s workforce center.  Whether you are a high profile executive or struggling to make ends meet, I have seen fantastic results with Clients who go out of their way seek help.  But, there is bad news too.

First, workers can get have their unemployment denied in Minnesota if they are forced to take classes and fail to attend.

Second, workers who tell their “story” or inquire about eligibility issues with staff members of the workforce center can get themselves into trouble too.

Help becoming or remaining eligible for unemployment

In my opinion, the issue above is way to significant to take lightly.  If you need help or have questions, please contact me.