Quit or Discharge: Unemployment Tip #005

Quit or discharge is a confusing question. In fact, it isn’t even a question. Instead, it is a legal issue often addressed by an unmeployment law judge.

Sometimes, workers and employees are confused whether they quit their job or were fired.  Applicants should never argue they do not know whether they quit or were terminated.  Instead, find the unemployment law that best supports eligibility. 

Unemployment Tip # 005 –  When the reason a job ended is an issue, Applicants should never argue that they do not know. Instead, find the unemployment law that best supports eligibility.”

Before selecting quit or discharge, know that every question is a trick question.  Really though, employees seeking unemployment benefits can take their case under control by knowing which element of rule 268.095 applies to them and why.

How Can An Unemployment Lawyer Help?

Attorney Jasper Berg