Save Unemployment by Doing 3 Things

To save unemployment means winning an appeal.  Save UnemploymentYou cannot save benefits without having them first.

Thus, here are 3 quick things most applicants forget or simply are not aware of when seeking benefits.

Save Unemployment by Requesting a copy of your File

It always surprises me when Applicants contact me by phone and they have never thought about requesting or acquiring a copy of their employment file.

In Minnesota, every worker and unemployed person considering an appeal for unemployment can use rule 181.961 to their advantage.

The goal of seeking or requesting a copy of an employment file to save unemployment is to find documents that support your claim for benefits.  This might include:

Employers know what is inside the file.  Most Applicants do not.  Thus, a worker can save unemployment by requesting a copy of their employment file.

Save Unemployment by asking for the Truthful Reason of your discharge

Even if you already believe you know the answer, the second thing a worker or unemployed person can do to save their unemployment case is seeking the truthful reason why their job ended.

The rule that supports this process is identified under Minnesota statute 181.933.

I believe this is important because sometimes workers can use their employer’s inconsistent statements to their advantage.  For example, lets say your boss said you were being fired because they were eliminating your position and you find out the real reason they fired you was because you missed a deadline or they thought you stirred the pot to much.  Unfortunately, hearing your employer’s feedback for the first time during an unemployment hearing can have a detrimental impact.

Again, even if you already know the answer, I believe every applicant seeking unemployment benefits can use rule 181.933 to their advantage too.

Save Unemployment by using Words from Minnesota Statute 268.095

Because the unemployment law judge will very likely use this rule to deny or grant benefits,  I believe workers trying to seek or appeal benefits should always try to incorporate words or phrases from Minnesota statute 268.095.

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done.  For this reason, I believe practicing out loud or in front of a mirror can be extremely beneficial to an applicant trying to win their unemployment case.

Final Thoughts

The most important evidence in any unemployment case are the words that come out of your mouth.  Please take time to understand and outline your process.