Veterans Lawyer in Minnesota – Appealing Military Veteran Benefits

Minnesota Veterans Lawyer

I believe a Veterans Lawyer in Minnesota helps reduce stress.  Appealing a VA disability denial through the Department of Veterans Affairs is an overwhelming process.  

But, I am encouraged when we work together.  

Veterans Attorney in MN

The military calling runs in my blood.  Like you, I served.  Unfortunately, disabilities and injuries impact Military Veterans,

What can I say, other than I was naturally drawn to serving as a source of truth for Veterans.

Along with related certifications, I am licensed to practice before the US Court of Appeals for Veteran’s Claims.  Regardless of the era that a person served, I believe seeking what is right using my background and education is a calling.

Veterans Lawyer:  Services Offered

As a MN Veterans attorney, I offer support with:

  • Veteran Benefits and Appeals
  • Issues specific to a DD214
  • Funeral Services
  • Filling out an applications and forms
  • One-on-one consultations
  • Representation at a hearing
  • Filing an Appeal with the Regional Office, BVA, Veteran’s Court of Appeals, etc.,


  • Gathering evidence
  • Drafting and filing briefs
  • Representation during an audit
  • Help with right to a Veteran’s preference
  • And issues specific to each Veteran’s disability or service.

Military Veterans Attorney – Laws Used for Appeals

MN Veterans Attorney
MN Veterans Attorney

As a disability and benefits attorney for a Veteran’s claim, I represent folks both on the  Enlisted side and Officer side.  Guard, Reserves, Active Duty and anything in-between.  Believe it or not, the area (branch of the military) a person served may impact the legal process sought.  Thus, the laws I use for a VA Appeal depends on the situation at hand.

Generally, benefit claims stem from  Federal law.  For this reason, I represent folks who reside outside of Minnesota.

Federal laws govern a Veteran’s disability benefits and pensions.  Minnesota and applicable state laws generally supplement federal rules.  And, they sometimes promise unique benefits exclusive to a Veteran’s residence.

Part of my process is identifying legal issues and appeal strategies.  Whether a Veteran is considering a motion for a Clear and Unmistakeable Error (CUE Motion) or a Veteran filed a Notice of Disagreement (NOD), every case is different.

Thus, the laws I use as a Military Veteran’s Attorney will depend on the issues at hand.

Veterans Claims served by another Veteran

As I mentioned above, a Veteran’s claim for benefits can depend on the branch of the military they served under.  Believe it or not, some military veterans do not know which branch they served under.  This includes:

MN Veterans Lawyer
MN Veterans Lawyer

Nonetheless, the goal is simple:  I am a Veteran too and I serve Veterans Appeals and Claims for benefits.

MN Veterans Appeals Lawyer:  Why?

I think Veteran Service Officers do wonderful work.  Likewise, I think reputable service groups do great work.  That said, I believe a legal eye and mind helps because the VA relies upon courts, statutes and cases, all of which I am very familiar with.

As a result, I believe a MN Veterans Appeals Lawyer can cut help reduce conflict, simply, and streamline the process much more efficiently.

If you are owed rights or benefits through your military service, please contact a Veterans Lawyer for help.