Veteran Benefits Trust

Veteran Benefits Trust for Military Vets

A Veteran Benefits Trust is exclusive to former members of the military and their spouse. This type of trust is used for planning VA pension benefits or Medicaid. As a lawyer for a VA Benefits trust, consider the following as an introduction to this trust type.

Veteran Trusts for VA Benefits

First, why would a military vet consider a Veteran Trust? Veteran Trusts are designed to shield assets from creditors, like the State or a Nursing Home. Even more importantly, they identifying assets as non-countable when addressing your eligibility for VA Benefits.

VA benefits called Aid and Attendance can have gigantic economic impacts. That said, the VA makes this process confusing and cumbersome. As a result, the process creating a VA Benefits Trust with the help of an attorney, and then funding the trust as needed, are two critical steps.

If you are a military family and you like the idea of protecting and preserving your assets, consider contacting this law office for support.

VA Benefit Trusts Are Irrevocable

There is a very good reason why a Veteran Benefits Trust is irrevocable. This is done to protect and preserve the asset for beneficiaries. In other words, it is a legal arrangement, where assets are transferred by the grantor. Then, the veteran relinquishes ownership and control permanently. This is done to protect the assets.

Ultimately, a VA benefit trust offers older military families an opportunity to preserve and secure their legacy. This can be critical when considering the value of a home, cabin, and or financial account.

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VA Forms for a Veteran Benefits Trust

In addition to the creation of the trust, a military veteran may need support with communicating the right message between them and the VA.

Here is a short list of related VA forms often needed when seeking protection under a VA benefit trust.

Appointment of Claimant’s Representative

The Veterans Administration uses Form 21-22A to allow a military veteran and or their family member to appointment an attorney as their representative.

This form is needed for the purpose of working with the VA throughout the eligibility determination process.

Unfortunately, Aid and Attendance is not a guaranteed benefit. Before applying for this benefit, many military families will seek and or set up a VA Benefit Trust.

Pension Applications and Non-Service Pensions

Specific to pension applications, VA Form 21-527EZ is used when the Veteran is applying for non-service connected pension benefits.

Application for DIC, Death Pension and or Accrued Benefits

VA Form 21-534EZ is used when the Surviving Spouse of a Veteran or a Veteran’s dependent is applying for non-service connected pension benefits.

Disclosing Personal Information to a Third Party

As veterans, our information has been stolen or lost more times than I am willing to acknowledge. To prevent this from reoccurring, VA Form 21-0845 is used to authorize the VA to release information to people other than the applicant.

Examination for Housebound Status or Permanent Need for Regular Aid and Attendance

Another difficult component to this process is finding a doctor what is trusted by the Military veteran. For some, this means turning to a VA medical facility.

For others, a private practice doctor is far better. In either case, documenting needs is governed through a specific VA form.

VA Form 21-2680 is used by an applicant’s physician to complete and is where the physician will document that the applicant needs assistance with activities of daily living.

Medical Expense Report

The military veterans form that details the applicant’s fixed recurring monthly expenses and is needed to demonstrate financial need for pension is called VA Form 21P-8416.

Request for Nursing Home Information in Connection with Claim for Aid and Attendance

VA Form 21-0779 must be completed by an administrator at the applicant’s nursing home and it details the type of care the applicant is receiving and confirms his or her residency in the facility.

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Lawyer for a VA Benefits Trust

Did I mention that I am a military veteran too? Nonetheless, with my VA accreditation, I help and advise Clients with the VA forms referenced above. Again, prior to the completion of these forms, qualifying military veterans and their spouses may decide to seek out a lawyer for a VA benefits trust.

If you’re searching for an accredited VA attorney, consider contacting this law office for a free visionary meeting. Then, you can share your goals and planning needs.

Submitting Military Records and Documents

Of course, being able to review relevant estate matters and military records requires an attention for detail. Many military veterans are unable to utilize or access a computer.

This law office will facilitate the the most efficient and secure method to assist your needs.

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