Hire A Veteran Day 🇺🇸- 5 Tips for Veteran Job Searches

Hire a Veteran Day is on July 25. Of course, I didn’t know this either until I saw our VA talking about it. Whether they made it up or not, I like it.

Let us put the Veterans Preference Act and Veteran Owned Businesses aside and talk about job searches. Unfortunately, I am seeing way to many veterans make huge mistakes in their job seeking process.

As a result, I want to share a handful of tips for Military Vets seeking employment opportunities.

5. Don’t Lead with Camouflage

Hopefully, your resume or application speaks for itself. On the other hand, telling a hiring manager that you “just got out” sounds like you served against your will or worse, did time.

Consider talking about your career as if you had worked for a local business or corporation.

4. Civilians Do Not Understand Acronyms

Nobody except you will understand that the Fast Action Repair Team (FART) was a highly sought after opportunity. For some hiring managers, the acronym USA is way to complicated. Thus, keep it simple.

3. Your Leadership Skills Count

Whether you were an E-2 or an O-7, your leadership experience counts. Do not undersell the experience you had protecting million dollar pieces of equipment while your duffle bag counterparts failed at alphabetizing soup labels.

Yes, every word on your resume matters.

2. You Have More Experience than your Competition

Seriously, you were 28 years old and in charge of a $5 million dollar tank and 8 people’s wellbeing.

Hire a Veteran Day
Hire A Veteran Day

You already know you are different than those who stayed back. You already know that you saw and did more in a 6 month tour than most people your age did during a 10 year career.

When the hiring manager asks about your experience, do not laugh or giggle.

Instead, educate and follow-up with why you are the best candidate for the opportunity.

1. Civilian Camaraderie Is Difficult to Find

This point crushes me. In my experience, the camaraderie I felt while serving is something I have not been able to find outside my military service. That said, there is something special about finding a co-worker who also served.

If you are able, I recommend watching as many of videos posted by Jocko Willink and his team. Here is one to get you started: New Mission.