What are the New Rules for an Unemployment Reconsideration?

MN Unemployment Request Reconsideration is a fancy term meaning you want your unemployment case re-reviewed.

Generally, the party who lost after having their case reviewed by an unemployment law judge can have their case re-reviewed by filing a MN Unemployment Request Reconsideration.  MN Unemployment Request Reconsideration is the second level (Level II) to an appeal for benefits.

What is the goal of a MN Unemployment Request for Reconsideration?

If done correctly, there are two goals when a person or an employer files a request for reconsideration in Minnesota:MN Unemployment Request Reconsideration

(a) Reverse the Unemployment Decision; and or

(b) Ask the Unemployment Law Judge to order an additional phone appeal (Level I).

What does a MN Unemployment Request for Reconsideration look like?

First, both the Applicant and Employer can file a request for reconsideration on-line.  However, the on-line system limits you to a small box to write information in.  As a result, it is hardly ideal to file a request for reconsideration on-line.

On the other hand, if you file a formal legal document called a Memorandum of Law, your unemployment request for reconsideration in Minnesota can be drafted in a manner that supports your request.  In other words, you are likely going to need more than a small box to highlight case law, Minnesota rules, and space to outline legal arguments favoring your cause.

Generally, a MN Unemployment Request Reconsideration includes a section highlighting the issue identification number, a statement affirming your appeal, an outline of issues you are requesting a re-review of, and an explanation of laws relevant to your situation.

As a result, a MN Unemployment Request Reconsideration can be extremely lengthy depending on issues and exhibits.

Who reviews the MN Unemployment Request for Reconsideration?

In most cases, a MN Unemployment Request Reconsideration is reviewed by the same Unemployment Law Judge that reviewed the unemployment phone appeal.  However, there are exceptions to this possibility.


When will a MN Unemployment Request for Reconsideration be changed?

The likelihood of a request for reconsideration in Minnesota being granted in your favor depends on legal arguments, whether this includes a reference to Minnesota lawscase law, or other legal doctrines, a  MN Unemployment Request Reconsideration should be approached with care.MN Unemployment Request Reconsideration

What are the results for a MN Unemployment Request for Reconsideration?

After a MN Unemployment Request Reconsideration is filed, there are three potential outcomes:

(i) The Unemployment Law Judge reverses the original decision;

(ii) The Unemployment Law Judge grants another phone appeal (Level I); or

(iii) The Unemployment Law Judge  denies the request for reconsideration and the losing party must consider an appeal to the Minnesota Court of Appeals (Level III).

When should a MN Unemployment Request for Reconsideration be filed?

Time is definitely not on your side.  Because research will likely be involved in your request and Minnesota law mandates the filing of a reconsideration within a specific period of time, you are limited to a couple of weeks from the date you received the decision from the Level I Phone Appeal.

Also, time is of the essence because you will need time to seek out other documents and or exhibits relevant to your case.

Is a MN Unemployment Request for Reconsideration necessary?

According to the unemployment laws in Minnesota, the losing party in an appeal for unemployment benefits must, as a predicate to appealing the matter to the Minnesota Court of Appeals, seek a request for reconsideration from the Unemployment Law Judge’s (ULJ) determination.   In other words, failing to file a timely request for reconsideration in Minnesota can be detrimental to the person or employer seeking an appeal.

If the other party files a MN Unemployment Request for Reconsideration, should you file one too?

If you do not stand up for yourself, nobody else will.  In other words, it is critical that you respond to a request for reconsideration if filed by the other party.  This is true for both employers and applications.  Otherwise, the Unemployment Law Judge may reverse their decision because you failed to respond accordingly.

Who can help you with an Unemployment Request for Reconsideration?

If you are considering a MN Unemployment Request Reconsideration, please consider contacting an unemployment lawyer for help.  As you proceed through the appeal process, your rights related to unemployment benefits become more complicated.